Thursday, January 24, 2008

That Girl

Does anyone remember life without a straightener? As I was getting ready for work the other day, it dawned on me, what did I do prior to owning a / using Simpson's, straightener? Ohhhh, that's right, the ROUND BRUSH, aka - my bicep's / tricep's / forearm's / deltoid's arch nemesis.

The round brush is horrible for many many reasons including the immense amount of time it takes to do, the fact that it did not get my hair completely straight or de-frizzed due to a decent amount of natural wave in my hair, and the burning sensation in my arms from holding them up which ultimately resulted in sweating which meant more time drying my subsequently sweaty head. After doing a google image search of round brush + hair styles, this picture of Jessica Alba popped up with a blurb about how to achieve her hair style with a round brush. Um yea, pretty sure my hair NEVER looked like that after round brushing, even when the hair cut lady styled it.

When it comes to doing my hair, I take the shortest route possible to publicly acceptable hair. For me, this means a blow dry and quick straighten. I cannot fathom how people blow dry, straighten, and then curl their hair. See picture to the left to see one of my most beloved possessions. When, knock on wood, it dies, I will definitely be holding a funeral service for it along with having a morning period during which I will purchase another chi.

Part of my hair troubles stems from a love of sleep, I really have no desire to get up any earlier than I have to to fix my hair. I am also pretty bad at keeping up with hair cuts which means that right now my bangs look like they were removed from Kelly Kapowski's head. Don't worry my fashionista friends, I am getting a bang trim manana.

Whew, I am soo glad those round brush days are over. Now, if only I could have the Jetson's shower and hair dresser machines I would be set.

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