Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dave Ramsey

I'm pretty bored right now, so I'm listening to the Dave Ramsey show online and plotting my entrance into the investment world. Stocks are low, perfect time to buy. That said, give me your money so I can play with it and learn how to do this.

If I were an investor, I know I would be really good at it b/c I would have really cute and stylish work clothes (b/c I would get paid more and could afford them) and cute clothes make me work better. I'd also be really good at wining and dining my clients and I'm somewhat cultured so I could sound decently intelligent in conversations that require that sort of thing.

Also, give me some money for golf lessons b/c if I am really going to do this I need to learn how to play golf which I am pretty much terrible at. That and I find the learning process for golf incredibly boring. Why can't business people make deals over a nice long run? That, I can do.

Oh, I wrote another song, I know everyone has been biting at the bit to hear it so...

MMmm yeaaaa
I love the way you swing that club
Actin' all coy

Lookin' all cute in your spikes
Tiger woods without the blasian
You know how to work it
Let me get the grass stains out ya shirt

I love when my man play golf
Wearin' those preppy clothes
Lacoste, Ping, Vineyard Vines, Polo,
Just let me get you solo

Other verses coming later. Peace.

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