Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Maybe This Is The Worst Chorus Ever

Um, well, this might, just MIGHT be, the worst / best song ever. I'm not really sure how Bosbia even found this but I can take a couple of guesses starting with a keyword search for "dick" + "smell" + "yo" ????

Warning: Explicit language:

I only put the link and you'll see why when it comes up.

Here it is why it is the Worst Song:
  1. Well, the Title for starters.
  2. "Bitch Ass" - 'nuff said
  3. Camera Phone, I really don't want to go into that crappy song, if those two words are in your song, chances are it sucks.

To End On A Positive Note:
  1. She Has A Point
  2. While it is probably not the preferred method of determining adultery, it is probably the most reliable...?
  3. There are some positive female messages here, especially when she says "don't play me like a fool", Dove - take note, maybe add this to a Campaign For Real Beauty ad or two
    I can see it now...

Good news Jordin, "just like a tatoo" may be the runner up!

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