Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Staff Meeting

My staff meetings consist of about 15 minutes of actual business and 45 minutes to an hour of rumors, jokes, and "fun" normally in the form of trivia. Today, this was our closing:

Once there was a lady that had identical twin sons at a young age. Unfortunately, she had to give them up for adoption. She eventually found love and had a wonderful life. For her 50th wedding anniversary, her husband told her he wanted to get her something really special and what would that be? The wife said that it would mean a lot to her if he could find out what happened to her sons, how they are doing, and invite them to their anniversary party. Her husband said that it had been fifty years and that was a long time but he would do his best. He hired a top private investigator who was able to find out what became of the boys. The husband told his wife that one of the sons had been adopted by a nice, wealthy Spanish family and that he was now working in his family's business and his name was Juan. The other son had been adopted by a nice wealthy Saudi Arabian family and was involved in politics. His name was Jamal. However, only Juan could make it to the anniversary party since it was not known that the other son was not actually Saudi Arabian and it would greatly upset the people. The wife was upset and commented that it was really important to her. To which her husband replied, once you've seen Juan, you've seen Jamal.

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