Monday, April 27, 2009


Eeeek. I was running in Percy Warner and saw a big black snake (feel free to giggle here all you pervs) hanging out on the left side of the road. Luckily it saw me before I realized what it was and slithered into the woods. Talk about motivational running.

I saw another baby snake today, green, it is going to be a big sucker. This time I was at Radnor Lake.

I haven't seen a snake in 10 years, since I saw a huge copperhead in the middle of west Texas on an outdoor basketball court and now I have seen snakes two days in a row. This has to have some sort of karma / folklore something or other associated with it.

Just a fair warning.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nashville's Mexican Restaurants - A Review

In this review I will be concentrating on "up-scale" Mexican, which in Nashville means, entrees more than $6.25. These are the restaurants you will want to visit if you feel stimulated, maybe by your tax refund check that just came in the mail, or maybe just because LIFE IS GOOD.

Now, I will not be including Lime in this review. Why do you ask? Because this review isn't for the fusion types and it certainly isn't for paying for chips and salsa. This is for Mexican food, as in, Santa Anna riding towards the Alamo with a plate of hot fajitas in one hand and a tamale in the other people. Get with the program.

The grade is based on the same as the burrito review: 1) Value; 2) Taste; 3) Atmosphere

Rosepepper - F Overrated. Say it with me now O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D! (dun, dun, dundundun) The margarita's are the best thing there, then the outdoor patio. The taste is "eh", mostly because it is overrated. If you happen to stumble upon Rosepepper, you might be pleasantly surprised. But most people do not stumble upon it. The atmosphere is okay and the wait staff is too hipster for my Mexican restaurant taste. If I want hipster, I'll go to Fido or Bongo Java or watch the tweens walk by at Belmont. **DO NOT GO ON A WEEKEND NIGHT.** Here is my theory. People think it is good because they wait to be seated for an easy hour and a half and by that point, I would eat a CARDBOARD BOX. So, yes, I know some people will majorly disagree with me and I am sorry to offend.

La Paz - C The food is good and the atmosphere is good but it is a tad bit on the expensive side for my pocket book with entrees averaging $12 to $13. The "C" is simply because the value is on the high side for this restaurant. If you are willing to spend a bit more on dinner, then this would be a B+. Okay, maybe I am not being completely fair to La Paz. It is good but somehow the Green Hills location is really throwing me off. Es no bueno. As in, snooty Mexican? I don't know, I just can't upgrade it.

Cozymel's - B+ This is a chain but it is pretty good if you can't get your Tex-Mex in Texas. Like all chain restaurants, it lacks a certain "umph" but if you can get past that, I think you will enjoy it. The food is good and fresh tasting, none of that Mexican that sits in a disgusting vat of grease. The "+" in the grade is for being a chain, yet being delicioso despite the chainy-ness.

Rosario's - A- Don't get the two R's mixed up. Rosario's is definitely the better of the two. The value is good and you get 10% off if you have a AAA membership. The happy hour is a pretty good deal as well. The taste is pretty decent. And the atmosphere is nice with a relaxing patio and a very friendly staff. I love friendly staff. Okay, it would probably be a "B+" but everyone there is so darn nice. It keeps me going back...that and I live dos segundos away. And they have cactus as a garnish.

El Chico - A El Chico? What? I have never heard of that. You know why? The location is TERRIBLE. The atmosphere is "eh", I don't even remember a patio and I certainly wouldn't sit on it if they had one but the food is good. (Picture a view of Murfreesboro Road right before you hit Briley from downtown direction...yea...yuck) The "A" rating is because it is a little gem that most people don't know about. But take my word for it, the food is good and the chips are so nice and thin and crispy. How chips should be. I could write an entire blog on tortilla chips. But alas, El Chico has the best chips out of all of these places. Chili's comes in a close second but they aren't Mexican.

Cantina Laredo - Hesitantly anticipating at least an A - Click on this link and I dare you to TRY not to salivate. OH. MY. GOSH. Okay, straight talk time, this is a chain. However, most Nashvillians will not know this because they live under a restaurant hole-sized rock. Okay, to be honest, both of my parents were in the restaurant business and I am from Texas which has pretty much every chain imaginable so I have a leg up. Regardless, forget that this is a chain. You would never know. All of the Cantina's I have been to are seriously muy bueno. The location is set to open soon and I hope it does not disappoint.

I am sure I am leaving some out, I didn't even really get to the suburbs but most of those will fall into my next category, I Like My Mexican Real Thick and Juicy (so find that juicy double...anyone? Bueller? no, okay.).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Worth It.

The last minute or so of this is worth the wait. Who hasn't been here? Haha.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Sounds Games...

are GONE.

That's right. Yet, somehow, they still touted the season opener over the radio as a Thirsty Thursday. The only thing thirsty about that game was my mouth. Because at $6 a beer (16 oz; $7 for a 20oz), I'm not drinking more than one and I'm certainly not going back. General admission was $8 despite the advertisement of $6, perhaps this price is only available presale. Either way, the new owners will find that their attendance is going to decrease.

The reason for omitting the Thirsty Thursday event is to draw more families. If you want to draw more families, well, a 7 PM game on a Thursday isn't the way to do it. What responsible parent is going to trek almost downtown to a shady neighborhood on a school night? Um, not many.

Solution. Leave Thirsty Thursday to the adults. Families can go to any other game. And if the new owners had any sort of ethics, they wouldn't have advertised the season opener as a Thirsty Thursday. That's called false advertisement. But hey, I guess you got people there. Too bad the word is out and now everyone knows you are a bunch of liars.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Star Sighting!

I definitely saw Martina McBride last night with her daughters at dinner. All I could think of was the song I Hope You Dance with her little girls twirling around. Except they are tweens and I doubt they would have twirled around for me if I had asked. But maybe I should have asked...

Now, if I could have a Nicole and Keith sighting, my life would be complete.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What You Didn't Know You Are Missing

Remember Doogie Howser? Child prodigy doctor? Yea, he is on a show called How I Met Your Mother.

I am a huge fan and suggest that everyone give it a shot. Barney and Robin are my favorite characters.

Here is a quote to pique your interest:

Barney: Ted, laster tag knows no age restrictions, kind of like stripping in the midwest.

LOVE IT. I suggest starting from the beginning, watching a lot of them in the row is the best way to get into it.

In fact, someone used the tag pick up line from the show (Barney to random girl, "haaaavve you met Ted?" only the guys name was Chris and I had gone to college with him haha) on me at Mafiaoza's a couple of years ago and I was so flattered. I consider it the highest compliment that someone would try that line with me. Haha.