Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Married A Giant

Have you ever tried to iron a sheet with sleeves? Because I have. And it sucks.

The chord to the iron keeps getting trapped under the giant sheet-like shirt. Then, the shirt is dragging on the floor thus nullifying the entire act of ironing it in the first place.

I wonder if dry cleaners charge extra for giant-people shirts just like they charge extra for ladies' shirts, which is a crock of shit if you ask me. How many women make up the work force now? Like 46% of the total in 2005? (Thank you Department of State webpage). Yea, that is what I thought.

Bingo. I am going to run an expose on the ridiculous amount of money that dry cleaners make on women and then sue them for discriminating. Are you actually telling me that in the 150+* years that the dry cleaner has been around, they couldn't get around to inventing a smaller shirt press for women???!!!*

Alright, I think I have side-tracked enough for one posting.

*Yes, the dry cleaning process has actually been around since the 19th Century. Finding this fact out only infuriated me more. Also, I am all about the rhetorical questions today. Sorry.


Mike said...

On the Giant's shirt... I am a dry cleaner and you are correct, those big shirts are a pain and a half. They take just as long to process as a fitted (not ladies) shirt. As a dry cleaner we know immediately know that the fitted shirt will take a long time; however the big shirt is always a maybe. Yes women do make up almost half of the work force but most of them are not wearing cotton shirts. For every 100 mens shirts I take in I might get 1 ladies cotton blouse. I commend you for even attempting to iron those shirts by hand. Personally I believe your time is more valuable than the 1 to 2 dollars you might spend to have it professionally done!!

Holland said...

Mike, thanks so much for the input! Very interesting to know that many women do not get their shirts dry-cleaned. I could see how they don't as many don't wear the more traditional collared, long-sleeved shirt to work.