Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's A Love / Hate Kind of Thing

I have a chronic disease. It's called, IRUBIUFWPIOCBRTMBAO. It stands for "I Rarely Use Bookmarks and I Usually Forget What Page I'm On Compounded By Reading Too Many Books At Once".

There is another form of this disease that ends in "Further Compounded by Pending Library Due Dates".

Side Effects include:
  • Guilt
  • Late Fees
  • Excessively adding books to your hold list b/c otherwise you'll forget the title of them
  • Frequent trips to the Library
  • Sleep Deprivation

Basically, I have a serious problem. I have too many books that I am trying to read at once and I'm not getting far in any of them because I am so distraught over trying to finish them that I end up not wanting to read.

I think I need to focus on the library books. Especially the one with the late fees on it...that I have renewed to stop the late fees from further accumulating.

I also need to acknowledge that I can turn them back in and check them out again. At a later date. When I'm not trying to read four books at once.

That's the problem though. People with this disease, we don't want to turn books back in until we have finished reading them. It gives you a nice sense of accomplishment when you finish a book.

Which basically leads to a whole slew of other problems like, "PTFDYDHTOIOTNFGASCA" (Put The Fork Down, You Don't Have to Overeat In Order to Not Feel Guilty About the Starving Children in Africa).

Maybe I have a slight bit of "OCD" but not enough to get me off my butt and clean my house. It's all mental, it doesn't translate into action. It just causes me stress without ever actually doing anything about it.

This could go on for days, I'll stop here, hopefully you feel better about yourself now after realizing how weird some people are...

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Liz said...

Oh my god I have the exact same problem!! Not that I'm surprised.