Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dream Street, All Grown Up

So, I was driving home yesterday and heard this song. And I just LOVE this song. I think mainly because of the xylophone in it. It takes me back to pre-school, the days before you were allowed to play a recorder. When you have no worries, and as the song says, "don't stress, don't stress".

That is, I DID love it.

Until I saw the music video. That I watched to post about HOW much I LOVE the song.

And then the old man in me, and in this case father, wanted to scream, "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!". Mainly because Jesse McCartney was born in 1987, the same year as my brother, and he has a music video that basically insenuates all kinds of sex.

Nothing says sexy like two tweens rolling around on a mattress without sheets. Only a tween would think that is H-O-T-T HOT b/c I am pretty much thinking, eeewww! Gotta love the close up of the chicks acne at around 2 minutes and again around 2:30.

Are you kidding? Who approved this? What producer thought, "hmm, I know! Let's put Jesse on a bed with an equally looking young girl and have him fake undo her bra...yes, I can totally see it! This will let everyone know that he is no longer the youngest member of Dream Street but a man in his own right!!!!!!!!!!!".

I realized about midway-thru the song, that it is actually, probably, about them having sex. Here is when it dawned on me, as I was bi-bopping along yesterday, I thought, "Hmm, I wonder why after, "don't stress, don't stress", it says, "just tell him to the left, left, left"...

But no, I was wrong about that line. After reading the lyrics, it is actually about him convincing her to leave her current boyfriend. There might be a part two to this b/c I don't have enough room to make fun of the lyrcis.

I'm too old for this. This kid is around Aaron Carter's age. I babysat for kids that liked Aaron Carter. Some of you who read this might even think, "Who IS Aaron Carter?". I'm a twenty-something, you all know this. Aaron Carter is Nick Carter's little brother. As in Backstreet Boys Nick Carter. As in, after The New Kids on The Block, but BEFORE NKOTB decided to return. (Blog on that coming later, probably titled, "Nothing Says Sexy Like Men in Their 30s Tryin' To Make a ComeBack to the Boy Band Scene...")

I know, you all are thinking I have bad taste in music. But please look to your left and you'll see that my player actually has good music on it. I just like to listen to up-beat, fun stuff sometimes. So I can dance around in my car.

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