Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All In A Day's Volunteering

Here are a few excerpts from my time with my "lil sis" yesterday:

LS (lil sis): I love Jonas Brothers. I kiss the t.v. for that!
H: Me too! Errr, I mean, who are the Jonas Brothers?
---Browsing stickers at Michael's craft store

LS: I want to put my nickname on the back of my t-shirt.
H: What is your nickname?
LS: Sharpay.
H: Um, who calls you that?
LS: No one.
H: Then it's not your nickname.
LS: Well, two people called me that but cause I told them to.
---Discussing our t-shirt designs for the pre-season Titans game we are going to for free courtesy of LP

LS: Can you buy me these glasses? I need them to read.
H: Your mom can buy you glasses if you need them.
LS: She don't got no money.
H: Quit trying to hustle me.
---Being hustled, as usual, when we go in a store.

LS: You got any R&B we can listen to, like Rihanna?
H: Ummmm....R&B?? Maybe??...??
---This being said as we painted t-shirts & she wanted to listen to music.

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