Monday, July 28, 2008

A New Website to Taunt Me

So, I recently discovered a website that is the equivalant to an ebay crafts fair called They have super cute stuff and it is amazing how creative these people are.

Of course there are some ugly things too..for example,


Would you make your kid wear this as anything but a joke? Wwell, maybe you would, but if you would, I would guess that you also have a 1980's stang and a mullet with stone-washed jeans...

Overall though, the site is a winner. I'm trying to come up with something crafty that I can make and sell on there. Maybe dog collars. Or those friendship bracelets I used to make in middle school...or...lanyards!!!! Who wouldn't want a lanyard key chain?!

1 comment:

Cameron said...

If you make lanyards and sell them... I will buy one from you! Also what do I have to do to get a friendship bracelet from you...? I feel totally left out...