Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Art of Justifying Inane Purchases

I really want these Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals in Platinum. Now, how do I convince myself and my DH that these are completely practical and worth the approximately $85 that they cost? As every manipulating, eh, I mean, batting eye-lashed woman knows, it is through the powers of seduction, eh, I mean, justification.

For all you women that lack this innate gene, listen and learn.

  1. Let's start with the color of the sandal. Platinum can be worn with gold OR silver, that is the beauty of it. Instead of having to buy two pairs of sandals, a gold and a silver pair, I only need to buy this platinum pair.
  2. Second, and equally as important as color, is the practicallity of the sandal. While they are practical for the dual color use, they are also 100% practical as they can be worn prety much ANYWHERE. I could wear these at work (big plus here ladies), out to dinner, at the beach, while running errands, etc. **The only time I wouldn't wear these is if I was mowing the lawn. And even then, one might argue that you could wear these inside a pair of say, oversized shoes, while you mow (this is pushing it, if you have to go this far to convince your other half, then you need to stop, regroup, and approach the issue from another angle).
  3. Lastly, is that these sandals are classic. They have been in style for years. While the gold / silver sandal thing is going to go out of style, these are subtle enough in color that they are not "trendy". I can wear these for years, and thus, I have justified the price. If you need to further this argument, do some simple math for your DH. For example, if I bought two pairs of trendy summer sandals every year at say, $20 a pop, well thats $40 a year. In two years, I will break even on my nice Jack Rogers Sandals.

As Christian would say, "Fierce".

As Memaw would say, "Oh lawsy!".

As Michael Scott would say, "That's what she said".

Here is some rationale that you should keep to yourself:

  1. But sweety, how else are we going to be invited on someone's yacht if I don't own any resort wear?
  2. I need to show off my pedicure.
  3. My heels are really damaging my feet and knees. (This only works if you are NEVER going to wear heels again and if your DH is dumb enough to not notice that these sandals offer no arch and heel support what-so-ever).

Feel free to comment with any questions you have. If you have a particular item you are trying to justify and just can't seem to come up with anything, I'd be more than willing to help you out. My consulting fee is very reasonable.

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