Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"H" is for Humble

Today we spent part of our work day volunteering at the Men's Mission serving lunch. Talk about appreciating what you have. The mission is a really great non-profit that requires everyone that comes into any of their programs, whether to get their GED or get off drugs, to attend church.

Unfortunately, so many of the men that come in for meals have been hurt by the foreclosures because immoral people, aka - many credit lenders, lent them more money than they should have. Please take a moment to thank God, or whoever you thank, for how blessed you are.

Now, here is the funny part, or should I say, ridonkulous part.

A certain co-worker of mine was trying to be friendly and talk to the men that came through the line to get food. Here were some of the things he said:

"You hungry?"

After a handicap group came in, to a handicap man that came in late, "Are you with that group that just came in?"

"I saw a black Mercedes in the parking lot, someone here must be doing well."

Oh wow. What a moron. The best part was when he started to explain that he had a Nissan, after the Mercedes comment, because Nissan's are such crappy cars??, yea, pretty sure they don't even own a car jack a.

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magsmomof2tn said...

I want to know who the co-worker is....I think I can guess but I'm not 100% :o)