Monday, February 4, 2008

Retirement Party Gone Wrong

This past weekend my Mom had a retirement party for my Step-Dad. Dave and I went and had a grand 'ole time (they hired a bartender) until things went horribly wrong...

It all started when my Step-Dad started opening gifts. At about the sixth gift, he opened a book, dare I say it, a book called Positions of the Day. Did it stop there? OH NO, of COURSE not! For about 10 minutes, they passed the book around as well as pointed out various positions. I finally had to step in and remind them that children, aka Dave and I, were present. This only caused more laughter and did not deter them from continuing to make jokes and talk about the book.

The only thing that kept my face from turning a tomato-red was the couple drinks I had in me. Of course, I promptly refilled after the initial opening of the book as the only way I could tolerate old people discussing sex was with alcohol.

I can't talk about this anymore, I might vomit up my chocoloate chip bagel that I had for breakfast.

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cameron said...

OMGosh that is the funniest. Your life is so much fun. I am so glad that you have a place to share all of your adventures! This is great!