Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Break Dancing

So I have decided that my new aspiration in life is to be an awesome break dancer. Two things inspired me:

  1. My Super Sweet Sixteen - I don't normally watch this horrendous show but on a very slow Saturday I watched three of them...in a row...followed by High School Musical...back to my point. This girl decided that part of her party would be a break dance performance and had a coach show her some "moves". If she can breakdance, then so can I.
  2. Step Up 2 - The Streets - I found the sequel to have an even worse story line than the first BUT, the dancing was WAY better / awesomer.

I'm trying to decide if I want to purchase one of those dance videos or go to a dance class. I'm thinking I will purchase a video because the thought of trying to do that stuff in front of a bunch of people is embarrassing. Plus, if the teacher wants us to "free style", things would turn ugly REAL fast.

Meanwhile, I've just been practicing in front of the mirror in my guest room. I'm pretty sure my yoga class is a segue to break dancing as well considering we do head stands and try to balance our entire bodies on our elbows.

My ultimate goal is the dance scene in the rain and a 2 pack. Oh, and I want everyone to start calling me Jazz, as in jazzy fresh. The name just really encompasses what people will think of when I dance for them.

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