Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vandy Blows a Big One

After a pretty horrible experience sitting in the Vanderbilt undergrad section at the UT / Vandy basketball game, I decided a rant on Vanderbilt was needed.

For starters, this is their main cheer:


Where do I even start? Oh yea, here:

You would think for $35K+ a year, those smug little brats could come up with a better cheer than that.

Moving on.

The school gave out bandanna's at the game...which many of the students promptly wore as "doo rags". Once again, I'm pretty sure at $35K+ a year, you are anything but a thug and you would probably pee your pants if you ever stayed in the ghetto longer than a red light.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that Vanderbilt sucks and my husband and I will be seeking an annulment after he decided to sing the alma mater despite the glaring fact that he:
  1. Didn't know the words and had to read the screen.
  2. Went to undergrad elsewhere nullifying his loyalty to Vanderbilt.
  3. Is a fair-weather fan.

OH, and last time I checked, mascots aren't supposed to have wrinkles...

1 comment:

cameron said...

You need to tell that husband of yours that he will have many friendships annulled if he continues to sing a fight song other than UT and Deleware!!!