Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"J" is for STOP CRYING

So, as previously stated, I am hooked on this season of American Idol. However, one contestant is particularly annoying. His name is Josiah. This is why I don't like him:
  1. He is from Morristown, TN but speaks with a British accent (and sings with one).
  2. He is living out of his car with no explanation as to why...his family does not know this.
  3. He cries way way way too much.
  4. He performed HORRIBLY in his last audition and they still passed him! Completely not fair to other contestants.
  5. Again, he cries like a little girl causing me to shut my eyes and put my hands over my ears singing, "lalalalala" until he is done crying. I can't watch or listen to such embarassing behavior.

I digress. Sorry this post isn't funny, please see below video to make up for it:

You have to copy and paste it b/c the embedding is disabled. It will be worth it though, especially for all us daughters that have goofy Mom's.

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