Friday, February 8, 2008

Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is coming to a close. I would LOVE to go some time, but alas, I'll just watch from the internet. Here are some of my fave's and my not-so-much's.

This is a Ralph Lauren creation and I love it. I love how simple it is and, call me crazy, but I love the hat. And the gloves! I'm going to start wearing cute gloves like my grandmother's did, so classic.

This little jewel is from Zac Posen. By jewel, I mean ugly rock that should have stayed in the mountain. Please tell me that the 1800s plantation style dresses are not making a come back.

This dres is from Bagdley Mischka. They had a ton of great stuff, this was only one of my many likes for the designers. I could probably do without the feathers but what the heck, I kind of like them.

This is another fug from Zac. I really didn't like ANY of his stuff. I mean, what the crud is this? A tux jacket, a ladies blouse, a see-through nightie?

I don't know who Phillip Lim is but I like him. Love the jacket, especially paired with the gold dress.

Alright ladies, go out there with your $100 a month clothing budget and...well, go to Target because none of us can afford this stuff.

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