Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Should Come As No Surprise

I love the MTV show Teen Mom. Shocking, I'm sure.

I don't know what it is but maybe it is a world just so outside of my own teen years, I am utterly fascinated. You can't help but think, how would I react in that situation?, would I go after child support? (UM, YES, Farrah, hello??), would I initially just rely on my parents to take care of the child so I could continue my teen lifestyle? (UM, NO, there is no WAY my Mom would have allowed that!), were their parents aware that the daughters were sexually active and just pretended not to know because they didn't want to deal with it??, and the questions go on and on.

I think that one of the most tragic aspects is that some of the mom's that are still in relationships can't let things run their course and are hanging on in vain to their baby Daddy even though, in a "normal" teen relationship, things would have fizzled out and you would move on. (Wow, run-on sentence much?, ha)

Does anyone else find themselves glued to this show?


JulieAnn said...

We're not into that show. Hubby started liking (and then got me liking too) the Kardashians... heaven help us all.

Holland said...

LOVE the Kardashians! I'm enjoying the Miami version but I am waiting for the entire clan to be back on!