Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking A Stand - Preventative Measures

You guys. Seriously. My friend Julie was kind enough to share these with me. Can you imagine a TSA agent seeing those next time they try and naked scan me??!?! Mwahahahaha, now I can go back to my "take that biotches" attitude. YES. (Rarely should I function when I am not in the "take that biotches" mode, I am much too boring and banal, no, not Anal, Banal, and...okay, really, I am trying not to be so "take that" because it mostly comes out in road rage which just isn't pretty and I don't want anyone to shoot me because, come on, this is Atlanta, it COULD happen.) And, also, when I don't have some sort of attitude, fun or otherwise, I write posts like this, and I don't think we want that again ( ;

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