Thursday, April 2, 2009

What You Didn't Know You Are Missing

Remember Doogie Howser? Child prodigy doctor? Yea, he is on a show called How I Met Your Mother.

I am a huge fan and suggest that everyone give it a shot. Barney and Robin are my favorite characters.

Here is a quote to pique your interest:

Barney: Ted, laster tag knows no age restrictions, kind of like stripping in the midwest.

LOVE IT. I suggest starting from the beginning, watching a lot of them in the row is the best way to get into it.

In fact, someone used the tag pick up line from the show (Barney to random girl, "haaaavve you met Ted?" only the guys name was Chris and I had gone to college with him haha) on me at Mafiaoza's a couple of years ago and I was so flattered. I consider it the highest compliment that someone would try that line with me. Haha.

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KayleeVickers said...

All I did in May was watch How I Met Your Mother. And I got my Mother into it. Pure and utter greatness.

I want a friend like Barney. And Robin.

Kaylee (NAOmni)