Monday, April 13, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Sounds Games...

are GONE.

That's right. Yet, somehow, they still touted the season opener over the radio as a Thirsty Thursday. The only thing thirsty about that game was my mouth. Because at $6 a beer (16 oz; $7 for a 20oz), I'm not drinking more than one and I'm certainly not going back. General admission was $8 despite the advertisement of $6, perhaps this price is only available presale. Either way, the new owners will find that their attendance is going to decrease.

The reason for omitting the Thirsty Thursday event is to draw more families. If you want to draw more families, well, a 7 PM game on a Thursday isn't the way to do it. What responsible parent is going to trek almost downtown to a shady neighborhood on a school night? Um, not many.

Solution. Leave Thirsty Thursday to the adults. Families can go to any other game. And if the new owners had any sort of ethics, they wouldn't have advertised the season opener as a Thirsty Thursday. That's called false advertisement. But hey, I guess you got people there. Too bad the word is out and now everyone knows you are a bunch of liars.

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