Monday, April 27, 2009


Eeeek. I was running in Percy Warner and saw a big black snake (feel free to giggle here all you pervs) hanging out on the left side of the road. Luckily it saw me before I realized what it was and slithered into the woods. Talk about motivational running.

I saw another baby snake today, green, it is going to be a big sucker. This time I was at Radnor Lake.

I haven't seen a snake in 10 years, since I saw a huge copperhead in the middle of west Texas on an outdoor basketball court and now I have seen snakes two days in a row. This has to have some sort of karma / folklore something or other associated with it.

Just a fair warning.

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Cameron said...

Oh gross, Andy and I came upon a snake while running at Lakeshore. It was at the bottom of the BIG hill as you enter the fenced area. I was so scared and this other girl just ran up to it an scared it away. I thought that I was going to die that day. I HATE snakes!!!