Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Olympics

I LOVE summer Olympics. I have vivid memories of watching the Atlanta Olympics, specifically, the gymnastics, and loving every minute of it.

However, the Olympic games have an entire connotation with them as an adult that they did not carry as a child. That connotation being laziness.

I don't recall watching the Olympics as a child and feeling particularly lazy. Until now.

I'm not even a very lazy person. But seeing those athletes makes me feel like a bum and how could I NOT be working out for at least two hours every day?

Oh right, a job, a family, a house, excuses excuses the t.v. shouts back at me!

What, you can't properly swim the breast stroke, let alone attempt fly? LAZY

You aren't capable of a simple head stand? LAZY

I am actually too OLD to be a participant in most of the games! How did this happen?!?!

I could move to some random country no one has heard of and qualify that way...maybe my Olympic dreams aren't completely over...I could participate in several very different events due to the lack of participants...I'm pretty sure the qualifications are a lot less stringent on countries like Canada or say, Antarctica...which isn't actually a country but how can we leave out an entire continent?

My floor routine would consist of a lot of chicken dancing and forward rolls b/c I can't do a proper cartwheel. My swimming would be decent, not fast but I could mosey on through it okay. I can ride horses, just leave the jumps out, maybe do a little Judo & Taekwondo, how hard can it be to kick and scream HHIIIIIiiiiIIIII YA!??

Whatever, I'm giving up before I even try. Back to watching the Olympics, on my couch, with a beer. Something the athletes can't do, drink beer. Ha, I'll just take my beer bottle caps and make a necklace and have my own Olympics.

Yuengling for the Gold. Coors light for Silver. Amberbach for Bronze? (Although Coors light tastes like water so really it should be 3rd place but, whateve.)

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