Monday, December 31, 2007


I'd like to digress for a minute about nerds. The term "nerd" has many associations, including a popular candy with several yummy flavors. Beyond the candy, there are many levels of nerd. I myself fall into a nerd category based on my ability to play an instrument, my inability to tan beyond a light pink color, my love of reading, and laughing hystarically at my own jokes.

However, there is one level of nerd, what I like to call the "uber-nerd", that is particularly interesting. Uber-nerds often work in the IT department and generally don't cohere well with anyone but uber-nerds.

For example, today I called our IT help line (due to further name change issues, see post on "Identity Crisis"). When the guy realized the problem, there were several outbursts (not kidding) including "OH MANNNN!!!" and "UGHHHH, THIS IS GOING TO TAKE A WHILLLLEE". Um, excuse me, are we not in a professional environment? What are you, 12? Get a hold of yourself man! Actually, all I did was make weird faces to myself when these outbursts occurred in disblief that a grown man was acting like such a baby. It took him five minutes, literally five minutes, to fix my problem. My new theory is that uber-nerds are often men with Mommy issues that didn't play outside enough.

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