Friday, June 18, 2010


So, I am going to make a concentrated effort to write more on this thing. Seriously. Well, we'll see. I can't make any promises.

In other news. Zoe has successfully dug a hole to China in our backyard. I can't be sure because it is a secret hole but I do know that she is in our backyard for hours and hours, appears out of nowhere when I go to get her and has mud all over her paws. I wouldn't think anything of these things except that she can't hear me unless I actually open the backdoor and she only reappears after several minutes. I imagine it would take a few minutes to climb out of a really really long tunnel. Maybe she is trying to save all the dogs there from being eaten. Maybe I should light a candle and place it near the doggy door so dogs will know they have a safe refuge. I just hope she doesn't get arrested.

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JulieAnn said...

You writing more would make the world a better place.