Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Two Escobars

I saw the majority of this film on ESPN last night and really enjoyed it. If you can ignore the fact that they show clips of different stadiums while playing a game in another one, the story line itself is very interesting. It is, of course, very sad as well. I had a Spanish professor from Colombia in college that really helped change my view of the country and this film only reinforces that. It is unfortunate that Colombians have gotten a bad rap when the truth is that there are normal, hard-working, good people there just as there are in any other country.

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JulieAnn said...

Is it weird to say I've really liked the 30 for 30?

Shad watched most of that movie last night and liked it too. I had wanted to watch it, but missed the first 45 minutes, so I just went to bed...