Monday, March 23, 2009

Part I - Eating Through Our Kitchen

One of the many joys of moving is realizing that no, you do not want to take all of the food in your house with you. Thus begins the process of eating everything in our pantry and fridge and only replenishing items such as milk, break, and bananas (a staple in our house).

To make things even more complicated, we will be traveling for two months and then living with family after that until we get a house of our own. Thus providing further incentive to empty it all out.

This was our first main meal in the ~6 week process. And yes, we probably have enough food in our house to last that long.
As you can see, the theme is "hodgepodge". We have a lovely ensemble of hot wings made with frozen chicken and Texas Pete Hot Sauce and of course bleu cheese dressing, red potatoes cubed and cooked with olive oil and lipton onion soup mix (I highly recommend this, very delicious), and what else would pair so well with these things but spaghetti squash with margarine and brown sugar.
This meal was actually very good despite the "melting pot" of items. I'm dreading when we get down to eating the panko bread crumbs with who knows what else. The creativity is going to be bustin' out and I'm not sure if that is a good thing...


Not Another Omnivore said...

Stir-fry is awesome.

A lot of vegan bloggers make hodge podge bowls of lord knows what. You should try googling around as you empty things out.

Last semester I was our resident crumb eater, ie I cleared out stuff that had been around for months since I was trying to save money. Wasn't all that bad...

Cameron said...

Um, what is going on with you guys? Where are you going? What are you doing? The blogging world needs to know details or you can just email me... love to you both!!!