Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Diary of A Not So Angry White Woman

Day 1: I am having an Italian Christmas. Seriously, who eats lasagna on Christmas day? We live in A-M-E-R-I-C-A people, get with the program! Do you realize you are serving a Daughter of the American Revolution Italian food?! Whateve, I'll be sure to get some extra dressing from my Mom, an American.

Day 2: Today at the Y a guy looked like he was doing something sexual on this machine that looks like it's purpose is to train you for the Winter Olympic Speed Skating event. He kept sticking his butt way out and then proceeded to make out with the equipment. It was extremely disturbing. I couldn't decide if maybe he was trying to get someone to notice him or if he was European and didn't know any better. Either way, I left the gym seriously disturbed.

Day 3: I was running late to work so I couldn't go by Starbucks and get my favorite, the non-fat Peppermint Mocha Twist with whip. Grrrr.

Day 4: My fingers hurt from folding Christmas letters which I now remember I left at home.

Day 5: I browned a pot roast before work this morning and now I smell like meat. But I'm a baller because I browned a pot roast before work.


Cameron said...

You are not a baller, you are Suzie Homemaker. Oh and when I was at the gym the other day there was a guy in a tank top and spandex shorts. Let's just say that he was not hiding anything. Some things just don't need to be worn out in public or at all...

Holland said...

No, Suzy homemaker stays at home and cooks every night. I'm a baller because I NEVER wake up early and my office is lucky that I even make it to work remotely close to the time I am supposed to at all. Suzy homemaker has her life together, I myself do not (=