Monday, May 12, 2008

The Day of No Horses

Steeplechase. Awesome.
Bloody Mary. Yum.
Horses? Where? I no see.
I wrote a love haiku above to Steeplechase. Last year I was all like, I'm going to host the shit of Steeplechase and instead I was miserably hot and felt confined to my tent to man the station full of randos and not enough shade.
This year I went commando. No plan. No clue where people's tents were, nothing. It was awesome. I have the horrible sun burn to prove it.
I also didn't wear a hat. Shocking, I know. I decided not to pay another dime for the event as the dumb kids at the Children's Hospital apparently need more money which they basically pryed out of my hands. I think they hired T and Bashley. Kids are tricky, you gotta watch out for them.
Anywho, the weather was perfect, I learned my lesson from my last little shenanigan and ate before drinking, saw everyone I wanted to and hid behind my large sunglasses and new short hair when passing others I would be okay with never seeing, no matter the alcoholic intake.
What better way to spend a Saturday than to use children as an excuse to drink and be merry and walk around saying, "It's for the kids".

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