Friday, February 5, 2010

Public Restrooms Continued

Having travelled relatively extensively, I have seen my fair share of bathrooms.

You know what is great about living in the U.S.? We get to flush our toilet paper down the toilet.

That's right. In many countries you have to throw away your used toilet paper in a waste basket in the stall. If you thought men's restrooms smelled bad, you can only imagine what a trash can full of other peoples used t.p. smells like.


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Drifter said...

I was travelling recently (train) and because I do this every couple of months or so (I don't fly - that's bird territory) I'm well aware that you're not supposed to flush paper down the toilet.

Well - no can do. It's just plain wrong. It's bad enough that I have to use the bathrooms like a deepsea diver (I refuse to breath) without adding to it.

Good point and welcome back from wherever your bloggers block sent you :)