Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Baaaaack & So Are Harem Pants??

We are finally back from our adventure in Europe.

I had seen the harem pants before we left. Various retailers attempting to sell the new "it" item.

I should have known I would see women in Europe, of all places (duh), wearing them.

I just wasn't prepared for the hideousness that would ensue.

I tried to turn my head, look at anything, ANYTHING including the naked man walking in the park in Barcelona, to not see these terrible pants.

They are like a train wreck, I rubbernecked my way past every pair I saw.

There was only one, I repeat ONE, lady that appeared to have come the closest to pulling them off.

Except your brain recoils and remembers what they are. Fugly pants. So, of course, she didn't pull them off but came so close I was scared. Scared for all of the other people that would see her almost wearing them and not them wearing her and then all of those people buying a pair.

What are they? A parachute for those random emergencies? Aladdin pants for that magical lamp? Quintessentially pajama pants without being called pajama pants??

IDK. My bff Rose.

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Liz said...

OMG, I hate those pants too! LOL. IDK what's wrong with people these days. I mean, WTF? Glad you're back, can't wait to catch up - TTYL. :)